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Order Your Custom Design Website In Just 3 Easy Steps

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$75/Month (CDN)

For the Premium Plan

You Get All The Web Building & Digital Marketing Tools You Need For This Plan.

including the Magazine Builder


canvas funnel builder

much much more

$35.00/Month (CDN)

For the Basic & Essential Plans

You Get All The Web Building Tools

You Need For This  Plan

E-Mail Marketing Included

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 After you have purchased your Template Design Package and you have sent us all pertinent information required to build your site and you have subscribed to your hosting package, we will have your

new site up in 7 days!

Choose Your Hosting Plan

Now choose your hosting package. It's the place where your website will reside.  We are certified to build on the largest, most complete, hosting & digital marketing platform available on the net today. You can upgrade your hosting package as you grow your online presence.


We will give your site an address and optimize it so that you get found in search results.​​​​​​​

NOTE: You will be billed monthly and will be asked to subscribe to safe & secure auto-billing. Failure to pay monthly hosting fees may result in your site being taken offline until payments resume.